About Us

Who we are

USA Freight Inc. was established in early 2015 with a goal of providing shippers with superior truckload transportation services.

While our goal may be simple, we believe that as famed French poet Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger once said: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

To achieve our goal, we identified three areas of special importance:


Communication is important for every healthy relationship. Clear and uninterrupted communication in form of 24/7 365 dispatch availability helps us put our customers at ease. We have live GPS monitoring on all our vehicles at all times for added peace of mind and performance. Perhaps most importantly we openly communicate any issues to customer and promptly deal with the situation. This open communication policy has earned us lasting and trusting relationships with our customers.

  • Operating worldwide
  • Professional personnel
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Flexible services


All successful operations require diligent planning. We are an ISO ‎9001 2015 certified carrier and our operations team is constantly evaluating our processes to improve customer satisfaction. We plan for the best but prepare for the worst to best serve our customers. Propper planning has afforded us another sure way to the top of the carrier satisfaction lists with our shippers.


Being in the service industry it is hard not to have a strong emphasis on service. From drivers to ownership everyone at USA Freight understands that we are here for and because of our customers. This notion has become part of our DNA and we make sure that no mater the situation customer satisfaction always comes first.